Privacy & Cookies

The use of cookies on this website

Most websites use cookies to carry out a range of useful activities.  Cookies are small files that are installed to your computer.   For example, cookies are used when you are shopping on the web so that the website remembers what you are doing e.g. what's in your shopping basket  as you move between pages.

This website and its operators are committed to providing the best user experience and to do this, we collect data upon how you use and find the website. Cookies are installed by the website to your computer. These cookies do not collect or hold any personal data and the information gleaned is anonymous.

How do we use cookies?

Data collected is used to gauge how our website users use and find our website.  We do not use cookies to collect personal data.

How do I opt out of this?

You can use your browser, usually under the tools menu, to turn off the option to install cookies on your computer. This will turn off the right  for a browser to install cookies on your computer from ALL websites and will break the operation of some of these websites.  You can change this and allow the use of the cookies after you have set the option to no.   Visit About Cookies for a more detailed explanation.

Privacy Policy

This website can be accessed by us and certain data is collected to help diagnose technical issues and user browsing habits. All data collected is used for the purpose of improvements and maintainance of this website.

This site collects data from third party cookies provided by Google Analytics. No personel data is collected that can pin point usage of this website to you by Google and if you choose to opt out of this, please disable cookies for this website.

No data collected is passed on or sold to third parties unless stated above and will not be used by these third parties for the use of marketing.